Renter Responsibilities

The following is a list of common renter responsibilities.  This is not an exhaustive list, so be sure to review your lease agreement for details on what you are responsible for as a renter.


  • Installing a clean furnace filter will keep your heating costs down!  Per your Lease agreement, this is to be changed at least once a quarter.
  • Check the smoke detectors and replace any batteries as needed.  There should be one working smoke detector per floor in your house.  Please let us know if there is not or if you have a detector that is not working because of something other than a dead battery.  We want you to be safe!
  • Remove all garden hoses from exterior spigots.  These plumbing lines can freeze, as well as damage your hose(s).
  • Kindly inform us immediately if you have a sprinkler system that has not yet been winterized.  
  • Please check the gutters.  If they need cleaned - we'll be more than happy to make arrangements with your landlord.  Clogged gutters can cause leaks and damage to both the inside and outside of the house.
  • We all know that winter brings ice to Kansas City. Ice is heavy and often times creates problems with surrounding trees.  If you have limbs/branches that hang over your house or touch your house in any way or hang over your driveway - we want to know about it!  We certainly want to keep the home and cars free from possible falling limbs.
  • When that dreaded ice and snow do get here please do NOT apply any chemicals or salts to the driveway or sidewalk of the property that will cause damage to the concrete.  Read and follow labels carefully before applying.
  • Last but not least, yard work!  If you haven't already - leaves need to be raked, beds need cleaned of all dead annuals and weeds, bushes given one last trim for the winter, etc.  Leaves left on the ground can kill the grass over the winter.

We need to let you know that if any of the above fail to be completed and damages occur because of the neglect, you could be held financially responsible.  These things are part of your lease obligation and need to be done to make sure the home you are renting is safe, attractive and comfortable.

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