NOTE: Due to the increased threat of scams, Home Rental Services no longer advertises any properties with Craigslist. If you see a listing on Craigslist that mentions Home Rental Services properties, it is a scam. 

Are You a Renter?
Every month we help dozens of families find homes to rent.  The process is easy and mostly done online.  Let us help you find your perfect home!
  • Personal Agent Assigned to You
  • Largest Selection of Homes
  • Quick Online Application and Processing
  • Most Houses are Pet Friendly

Are You an Owner?
We are the most experienced and award winning residential property management company in Kansas City, specializing in rental homes in Johnson County. Let us lease your home for you!
  • Doing Business Since 1989
  • Managing Hundreds of Homes
  • Thorough Renter Screening Process
  • Electronic Deposits and Statements

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